Product Reviews!

We are thrilled to see our fellow chill bitches loving our products and providing us with feedback! 

Check out some of their reviews below:

@PrincessCBD - Face Mask Review

"I absolutely LOVE the cbd mask from chill bitches! It makes me and my skin the chillest. This product is just as good as the tincture! Don’t sleep on this mask."
-Jess Ewiing
"Amazing product. I have the lemon flavor and I am in love. The lemon leaves a nice flavor in your mouth that is not bitter at all. I can take it in the middle of the day when I am feeling overly anxious or down. It boosts my energy and at the same time relaxes me! Great mid day fix. But it’s also a great way to help with the end of day anxieties and creates a calming affect to your mood!"
- Dare Noori

"I absolutely love the chill bitch drops! I’ve been taking the lavender drops (which are delicious) every night and they help me relax before bed. I always get heightened anxiety in the evenings and I haven’t been experiencing that ever since I started the drops. I’m also trying to get back into exercising daily so my muscles have been really sore after and I noticed the cbd helps with soothing and relaxing my muscles so I’m not as sore! Thanks so much for making a product that’s so helpful and taste great!"
-Paulina Metz

"I’ve been loving the lavender Chill Bitch Doses! When I take it, I notice that it puts me at ease throughout the day and allows me to still be productive while relaxed. I had been experiencing vivid dreams to the point where I’d feel awake but when I take the CBD those dreams have subsided and I can get a peaceful night of rest."
-Sarah Thompson
"I’m so happy I bought these! The lavender is my favorite, definitely an interesting taste once I used my drops for the first time but you can for sure taste all the goodness you’re about to experience. I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time and when I’m having a bad or stressful day, I take a couple drops and within 30 min I start to feel more relaxed then more and more relaxed as it progresses. I’ve been using my drops as needed and they have exceeded my expectations!

I absolutely love the packaging and it comes with a handwritten note from the founders so I can see how genuinely devoted they are and appreciative of their buyers. Will for sure purchase lavender and lemon next time."
-Alexandra Chapel