About Us!

Organic Hemp Oil CBD + Ashwaganda + Reishi Mushroom = Chill Bitch Drops
Chill Bitch Doses aims to promote your highest sense of self - the journey to living a low stress, healthy lifestyle while keeping your mind clear.
The use of adaptogens really elevates our products among plain CBD products. Adaptogens used in conjunction with the CBD provide dual benefit, helping the body stay in homeostasis, and giving you a noticeably calm and clear feeling to get through the daily ups and downs. This will NOT make you drowsy or make you high! Just perfectly engaged :) 
Our name is a play on words, using CBD as the initials and working towards redefining the word "bitch" to be a more friendly, fun, and badass reference as opposed to a negative connotation. 
We believe in educating our audience about the daily use of CBD, adaptogens, MCT oil (used in all our tinctures), what it means to be a kind and loving badass bitch, and donating a portion of our proceeds to various nonprofits that align with our cause. 
Your fellow Chill Bitches
Gabby & Shireen